Updated: April 02th, 2020 (Updated Daily) Current snapshot of COVID-19 cases in Peru Confirmed infections 1323 Recovered cases Deaths 47 *The state of national emergency —declared by President Martin Vizcarra was extended until April 13th. Attraction News: A number of festivals and events in Peru have been cancelled or postponed in alignment with the government’s

This is a type of field corn with kernels almost five times larger than those of sweet corn. It is Andean corn that is consumed in several parts of North and South America, including Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia, among others. The appearance and taste of the Peruvian corn are almost the same as those of

The importance of spiritual symbols, in Peruvian history, as well as others, is paramount to the understanding of the tradition itself. These three animals, the condor, the puma and the snake; have a spiritual significance and a practical, artistic value to the Inca people, which when understood can bring a new level of experience to

Peru is a country in western South America with the best cultural, historical, and natural handcrafts. The country is manifested with fabulous traditional riches that are unique, beautiful and functional to suit anyone’s preference. Peru is a basket of traditional artisan craft best for shoppers who love very beautiful, affordable and unique souvenirs to buy

Best Things to Do in the Sacred Valley The Sacred Valley is an area found in the Southern Sierra, Peru. It is part of the Inca Empire, which also included the nearby Cusco town and Manchu Pichu ancient city. The valley was named “Sacred” because its land was among the best in the region. Additionally,

Peru’s popularity will only grow as the country continues to invest in key tourism sites like Lake Titicaca. Peru is a hugely popular tourist destination – and one of the finest places to visit in South America. Whether you’re after a little hustle and bustle in the country’s capital Lima or a trekking expedition in

Lima the Capital of Peru Lima is the largest city in Peru and consequently the capital city.  Lima known as well as “the City of Kings” La Ciudad de los Reyes , As viceroys representing the King of Spain ruled all over Perú from here. Lima is located in the valleys of three rivers i.e.

In just one week we will be on our way to Peru! I have been doing our Peru travel planning by getting tips from friends, reading several books and searching many sites to feel as prepared as I can be. Now you know what I have been doing with all my spare time- training, reading

You’ve seen them, you petted them at your local pet store, and some of you might have even had them as pets yourself. But did you know in Peru, guinea pigs aren’t bred as pets, but as livestock meant to be eaten?! Considered a delicacy and usually only meant to be eaten on special occasions.

Biodiversity is one of Peru’s most essential features. There is so much life all around that country, especially in the wild. From sea life to land critters, Peru has it all, and the amount of species is so vast. Come with me on a journey where we can meet a few of these wonderful, exotic