The Surreal Beauty of Vinicunca

Where is Rainbow Mountain in Peru: Ausangate Trek

There are many natural sights in the world that are a wonder to behold. Among these natural sights are the Niagara Falls, the Victoria Falls, the Amazon, and even the vast Sahara desert. Some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring places in the world are hidden away in the most unexpected places and can inspire comparisons with alien landscapes. One of these places is the Rainbow Mountain Peru which is also known as Vinicunca or Montaña de Siete Colores. Located in the Andes Mountains in Peru, the mountain is one of the most breathtaking sites in the world featuring a colorful mountainside. For anyone wanting to visit Peru, this is one the places that you cannot afford to miss out on!


The Rainbow Mountain Peru is completely unique in its wonderful appearance. It is reminiscent of a surrealist painting with its beautiful coloration which includes reds, purples, yellows and greens. The mountain is located in the Andes Mountains by way of Cusco and attract a great number of visitors to the area every year. The distinctive shades of color are exquisite to view and lend credence the name that is given to it as the Mountain of Seven Colors. The mountain has been likened to some of the landscapes used in alien and space inspired films. In fact, many who view images of the Rainbow Mountain Peru cannot believe that it is actually a real place in the world. In Peru, the mountain bears some cultural and religious meaning as most natives consider it a sacred mountain. For artists, tattoo experts and even sculptors everywhere, the beautiful lines of this exceptional mountainside have become inspiration for their works. One of the paintings that almost captures the exact image of the rainbow mountain is the famous work by Edward Munch, The Scream.

What makes it so colorful?

The distinct appearance of the mountain actually has a scientific explanation despite the fantastic local lore surrounding it. The Andes is a mountain chain that is located on the western edge of South America. The mountain has some geographical characteristics that cause the specific stratigraphic nature of the rainbow mountain. The colors of the mountains come from the composition of rocks and minerals that are present in the mountainside.

One of the most vivid colors of the Rainbow Mountain Peru is red. The red coloration is distinct in its layers on the mountainside. The red coloration is as a result of rust due to the iron oxide present in the rocks and has been viewed on other rocks but not on the magnitude of what is visible on the Mountain of Seven Colors. Another color that is prominent on the mountainside is the yellow. This bright vibrant color is as a result of the existence of iron sulphide in the rocks. Similarly, the green color present in the mountainside is likely due to the presence of chlorites in the sedimentary rocks while the purple color is due to oxidized lemonite. The difference in variations and shades of these colors is as a result of the alteration of sedimentary rocks during lithification. The changes in composition are what causes the clear stratified lines on the mountainside. The layered colors of the mountainside are indicative of the many years of natural changes that the mountain has undergone.

Rainbow Mountain Peru Elevation

Altitude of 5,200 meters above sea level.

Getting to the Rainbow Mountain Peru

So how can you get to the Rainbow Mountain Peru?

  • The simplest way is to first access Cusco, which is the nearest city to this phenomena. If you are an international tourist then this involves getting yourself a flight to Peru and access the city. Of course, if you are simply a domestic tourist, just find your way to Cusco in the easiest way possible.
  • Once you are in Cusco, research and find yourself a reputable guide who can properly guide you through the steps of accessing the mountain. The reviews of tourists who have been to the Mountain of Seven Colors state that it is recommended to find the best guide possible to ensure that you are properly guided. Unprofessional guides may cause your experience to be much less than anticipated.
  • It is important to know that actually reaching the mountain requires an individual to hike for several hours. Being healthy is a perk of enjoying the hike to the mountain. While some tourists are not impressed by the long hike, it is crucial to know that untouched beauty of this magnitude cannot simply exist in close proximity to human populations.
  • In preparation for the hike, and in consideration of the fact that the mountain is several thousand feet above sea level, it is important to have the correct gear for mountain hiking. This can include hiking boots, warm clothes, head gear and safety gear.

Rainbow Mountain Day Trip from Cusco

Rainbow Mountain Trek

Rainbow Mountain Trek - Vinicunca Mountain

Rainbow Mountain Trek, Enjoy a fantastic day tour (with hiking) to the so-called 7 Color Mountain, leaving from Cusco. Located
per person
6 days



As an individual who has visited the Mountain of Seven Colors or Montaña de Siete Colores, I want to assure anyone considering visiting this place that it is completely worth the view! The beauty of the mountainside will inspire you and excite your senses. I recommend the trip for anyone who is artistically inclined and who is attracted to isolated and beautiful landscapes. Visit Rainbow Mountain Peru wiki and enjoy this view in person.

Peru is a South American country that houses diverse cultural and physical attractive features. This country is home to Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city that is situated in the Andes Mountains. The country also boasts of numerous physical features like Amazon rainforest, Sacred Valley, Cusco city that houses Domingo covenant and Inca ruins, Lima that is situated on the Pacific coast of the country and its capital city that is home to colonial architecture and Museo Larco art. On the southern side of the country lives an enormous lake Titicaca, which is shared with Bolivia. This lake offers sapphire waters, folkloric festivals and diverse wildlife.

With the above tourist sites, many visitors tour the country hence leading to numerous luxury hotels set up in the area. While visiting the country, you can consider one of these luxurious hotels.

1- Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the most visited location in Peru. The area is popularly known for its mysterious archaeological site, Inca ruins. Besides Inca ruins, the city is also known for its incredible biodiversity that surrounds the ruins.

Sanctuary Lodge Machu Picchu

The most luxurious and most preferred hotel in the area is Belmond Sanctuary Lodge. This hotel is a favourite of many due to various reasons among them being its locations and high-quality services. The hotel is located directly at the entrance of the New World Wonder. Most hotels around the area are located in Aguas Calientes, a 30 minutes ride to Machu Picchu. Besides its location, the hotel has a great hot tub that provides a wonderful Machu Picchu view. This hotel also runs a luxurious train that operates from Aguas Calientes to Cusco.


Around the hotel is the temple of the condor which is 8 minutes walk away, Huayna Picchu 16 minute walk, Winaywayna which is approximately 0.5 KM away, and the Manuel Chavez Ballon site Museum which is 6.4 Km away.

2- Palacio Nazarenas

Palacio Nazarenas

This hotel is located in an ancient convent in Cusco. It is an incredibly stunning hotel and one of the best in entire South America. It is situated behind the Cusco main square, from Cusco Cathedral. The hotel is located in an 8-minute walk from Qurikancha temple Inca ruins. This hotel was opened in the year 2012, so most of its items and the overall conditions still look new. The hotel’s amenities include a heated outdoor pool which runs 3.850 meters deep, a spa, room and laundry services, an Andean restaurant, a bar. They also offer freebies in salsa and yoga lessons and breakfast buffet. It provides very private settings with just 55 suites. In your room, you get to enjoy mini-bar and all-time butler service. The hotel rooms are equipped with extra oxygen making the rooms ideal for people who always suffer from altitude sickness.

3- Tambo del Inka Hotel Luxury

Tambo del Inka

This hotel is based at the foot of Ch’iquin Mountain, a distance of approximately 2 kilometres from Sacred Valley Ruins. It is a 5-minute walk from Plaza de Armas square. The hotel has vibrant and posh rooms with marble bathrooms and elegant balconies. The rooms are equipped with iPod docks, min-bar, flat screen TV, and WI-FI access. Availability of suites, butler services and all-time room services are part of the luxuries offered in this hotel. The hotel also offers a beauty spa, outdoor and indoor pool, a game room fitted with a pool table, and an Andean restaurant among others.

4- Titilaka Lodge

At the shores of Lake Titicaca, lies the famous luxurious Titilaka lodge. This lodge is an all-inclusive hotel and is located approximately 94 kilometres from Inca Manco Capac International Airport.

Titilaka Lodge

Lake Titicaca is a commercially navigable lake that is prominent for its floating reed island and the surrounding community, the Uros people, a society that comprises of male knitters on the Taquile Island.

This hotel offers lake views, heated floors and window seats that are suited with iPod docks, mini-bars and free WI-FI. Although TVs are not offered in the rooms, the lodge offers breathtaking outdoors activities such as bird watching, cycling, and kayaking. Other amenities provided by this hotel include private beaches whose roof is grass thatched, media rooms, bar, restaurant, etc.

5- JW Marriot Hotel Lima

JW Marriot

In the heart of Miraflores, lies the luxurious 5-star JW Marriot hotel. Miraflores is located in Lima, the capital of Peru. Lima city boast of its young art scene, beautiful restaurants and a fantastic culture.

JW Marriot Hotel is a 25 glass storey building that is located directly at the front of Larcomar shopping centre. At the hotel, you will get to enjoy superb views of Lima beaches and the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

Amenities present in this luxurious hotel include a fitness centre, beauty spa, swimming pool, casino, Sauna. Other activities offered by JW Marriot are child and babysitting services, meeting rooms, tour desks, and dry cleaning services.