Huyna Picchu : The trip of your life could be in Peru Do you have an adventure spirit inside of you? One who’s asking loudly you to grab your best backpack and just leave? If the ideal scenario for you is feeling free at the top of a mountain, then Huayna Picchu is something worth

6 beers from South America you cannot miss Craft beer is a thing now, it’s been going on for years and it’s here to stay. But with so many options to choose sometimes you can just lose your mind and end up choosing whatever shows up first, and that’s not how any craft beer experience

Peru Language: A Showing of Customary Practices If you are used to meeting new people, you can guess their nationality by their mannerism and their form of speech. The way people speak can reveal who they are, after an intense conversation which might have lasted for some hours. In the same manner, the number of

The world is truly an interesting place, and we truly never realize that until we actually travel. The internet might have exposed people to what is really out there away from our motherlands and nativity, but it is traveling that offers the most intimate experiences. And when you finally ever take that hallmark trip to