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You will find a guide of the best activities and destinations in Peru; each one of them with specially designed programs. If you want to order the activities that attract you most, you can create your own trip. We offer you the alternative of managing your time and visits.

Cusco Walking Tour

Cusco walking tour

During the Cusco walking tour, we will visit the Koricancha Temple built by the Spaniards over top the ruins of the Incan Temple of the Sun), the Cathedral of Cusco (religious monument of great artistic value from the Spanish Colonial epoch), the San Francisco Convent (one of Cusco’s oldest Spanish...
Cusco City Tour

Cusco City Tour - Half Day

Cusco City Tour Cusco is situaded at an altitude of 3,400m/11,150ft. The city of Cusco is world famous due to the numerous archaeological sites left by the ancient Inca culture, built over 500 years ago. Cusco is the gateway to one of the most spectacular archaeological sites that exists in South...
City Tour on foot

City Tour on foot

Cusco City Tour on foot During the city tour, we will visit the Koricancha Temple built by the Spaniards over top the ruins of the Incan Temple of the Sun), the Cathedral of Cusco (religious monument of great artistic value from the Spanish Colonial epoch), the San Francisco Convent (one of Cusco’s...
Sacred Valley Tour

Sacred Valley Tour

Sacred Valley Tour The Sacred Valley Tour program combines the charming landscapes of the Sacred Valley with visits to archeological centres of great value, among those Ollantaytambo, the original fortress of the that still conserves its principal vestiges. For those whom desire to browse local...
Pisac Market

Pisac Ruins and Pisac Market Half Day

Pisac Ruins and Pisac Market Half Day Pisac is an alternative for those who wish to enjoy an additional day in Cusco, located just 40 minutes from the city of Cusco. The site offers an array of interests, from archeological sites that maintain their enigmatic mysteries, to photographing the...
South Valley Cusco Tour - Sistine Chapel of Peru

South Valley Cusco Tour Full Day

South Valley Cusco Tour Travel to the ancient Incan water temple located roughly half an hour outside of  Cusco. Group interested in exploring the spiritual side of Peru can request the services of a shaman will facilitate a welcome ceremony. If one wishes to stay an extra day in Cuzco and...
Biking Maras Moray

Biking Maras Moray full day

Biking Maras Moray The huge circular terraces of Moray and Maras form two of the main attractions in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Ancestral activities, vivenvial tourism, adventure activities and mystery of a culture dedicated to the cultivation of the earth await the traveler.
Chinchero visit

Chinchero Visit Half Day

Chichero Visit If you desire an extra day in Cusco and want to visit an additional site, the village of Chinchero is an ideal place in a fertile region of the valley. The people still walk about in their typical, picturesque dress with a combined Indian-Spanish influence. The village is surrounded...
Cusco City Tour

Cusco & City Tours 2 days

Cusco City Tour Cuzco offers various way in which to enjoy it and this program offers a action-packed tour of the city to best enjoy the multiple charms it has to offer. Upon pick-up from the airport in Cuzco, a guided tour meanders along the tourist route before delivering us to the hotel. The...
Cusco Tourism

Cusco Dinner and Folk Show

Cusco Tourism Cusco nights are characterized by a colorful cast of original characters. In this program, one has the opportunity to be part of this charm by appreciating different typical dances of the region that express the habitual activities of the Andean man and his interpretation of the magic...

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