6 days
Cusco, Peru

Ausangate Trek 3 days

On this world-class Ausangate trek, you spend five days and four nights in close proximity to Nevado Ausangate (elevation: 6,384 m/20,945 ft), the highest sacred mountain in the Andes of southern Peru. You travel in harmony with nature, welcomed by the isolated Andean shepherds who live in these high valleys.

Itinerary : Summary

Day 1: Cusco – Tinqui – Upis.
Day 2: Upis – Ananta.
Day 3: Ananta – Vinicunca – Quisiuno – Cuzco.

Full Itinerary : Ausangate Trek 6 days


Day 1: Cusco - Tinqui - Upis.

So friends the transfer or the tour guide is come a your hotel, the pick-up is around 5 a m; after will go to ocongate (tinki) the trip in car is 2 hours to me major (ocongate), in tinki the cook and the tour guide will buy breakfast, and start, walk to the base camp, the way is no to bad is good, from tinki to the lunch is 3 or 4 hours, after the lunch to the base camp is 2 or 3 hours in there you can enjoy the hot waters, is good and the landscape is wonder full.


Upis - Ananta.

Well on the hike the wake up is 5 am, you can drink inside the tens, and then, organize your daffo back; 6 am you can take your breakfast, after you can go up there to the pass. And lather going down there to pucaccocha that place you will see many birds, alpacas, llamas, vicuñas and condors. From the base camp to the pass is 3 or 4 hours, in there will to take lunch, after will going up (second pass) from that place you will see quisiuno town or Ananta. The walking is 8 hours to the base camp.


Day 3: Ananta - Vinicunca - Quisiuno - Cuzco.

Well on the hike; the tour guide will explain a bout of the wonder that is very early.

A. – if you want to see the sunrise in vinicunca, you is amazing only that the wake is very early 4 am, will get your snack and going to the pass, from there you will see the rainbow mountain, one hours more you will reach the mountain, you can wait because the clarity of the sun is around 7 am in the morning.

B. If you no want to see the reflection solar the wake is normal 5 am well take the breakfast, will going to the pass from there you will see the mountain chain (rainbow mountain), when we arrive to vinicunca, behind us the people will arrives from Cuzco.
Well after the enjoy in there, we continue walk to the lunch places, will follow the people because the car is come for pick up.

Additional information



INCLUDED Private Bus from Cuzco to tinki
Private bus from tinki to Cuzco.
The tour adventure guide.
Cook. And assistant cook.
Horses for loading.
Saddle horses.
The passenger’s haves 8 kg of balija.
Kitchen tent.
Matras terma rest.
Food buffet 4bre/ 4/lunch 4/diner.
The tour guide is come with passengers.
Portable bathroom
NOT INCLUDED Passport original.
You take dress coat.
Rain jacket.
Sun cream
Sprite for mosquitos.
Cat and hot
Pills (for stomach pain; for headache).
Toilet paper.
Extra money in soles.
Sun glasses.
Sweater. Sweater. Sweater. Sweater.
Hiking pants.
Ausangate Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca
Ausangate Trek Peru
Ausangate Trek Cusco
Ausangate Circuit
Ausangate Alpacas

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