How to book

1. Confirm your preferred departure dates:

- Main departure date:
- Back-up date:

(this will allow us to book your alternative date immediately if
necessary - i.e. if there are no spaces for your preferred date. It avoids
delays in sending and responding to emails and the possibility of missing
a booking for even your alternative date).

2. Send us the following information:


- Full name (as it appears on passport)
- Gender
- Date of birth
- Passport number (it is important that we receive the passport number
that you will use whilst on the trek; please advise if you think you will
change your passport before you do the Inca trail)
- Nationality

b, Confirm whether you are a student (it is necessary to have a valid ISIC
card to qualify as a student) and if so scan and email it at the time of
booking. You will also need to take the original on the Inca Trail.

c, Decide whether or not you want an extra porter who would carry your
personal belongings (the price of this service is $130). By hiring a
porter you will only need to carry a very small day pack. (Please note,
you can also share one porter between two people - up to 7 kilos each –
costing $65 each.)

d, Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or medical
conditions that we should know about.

e,  I/we have READ and ACCEPT your terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions 2014).

3. The deposit amount is required to book the Inca Trail is as below:

US$150 per person for Inca Trail only or
US$200 per person for Inca Trail + Wayna Picchu.

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