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Vilcabamba Espiritu Pampa Trek; this is a complete trekking route which includes the visit at the important archeological sites of Ñusta Hispana, Vitcos and Rosaspata.
City founded by Manco Inca in 1539 and was the capital of the Neo-Inca State, the last refuge of the Inca Empire until it fell to the Spaniards in 1572.

Day by Day Itinerary: Vilcabamba Trek

Day 1: Cusco – Abra Malaga – Santa Maria – Huancacalle
Day 2: Huancacalle – Vilcabamba La Nueva – Abra Collpajasa – Ututo
Day 3: Ututo – Huayna Pukara – Vista Alegre
Day 4: Vista Alegre – Concebidayoq
Day 5: Concebidayoq – Espiritu Pampa
Day 6: Espiritu Pampa – Azulmayo – Kiteni
Day 7: Kiteni – Quillabamba – Cusco

Itinerary: Vilcabamba Trek

Early in the morning, you will meet your guide in your Cusco hotel and set off for a drive into the Sacred Valley of the Incas and through a pass at Abra Malaga. From there, the road begins the long descent towards the high jungle of the southern Andes.
After you reach your destination, Huancacalle, you will enjoy a tasty lunch before setting off on foot towards the important archeological site of Rosapata & Vitcos, the place where the infamous Inca emperor Manco Inca II was killed, marking the end of the civilization’s resistance to the Spanish. From here you’ll head to the sacred white rock called Yurac Rumi, an intricately carved stone of significant importance to the Inca.
You will then return to your camp at Huancacalle for dinner and a relaxing evening.

After a hearty breakfast in the early morning, you will leave camp and head toward the town of New Vilcabamba, which was founded by the Spanish. The trail leads uphill and passes into a new ecological zone until you reach the Collpajasa pass, the highest point of your trekking adventure.
From this point you’ll descend along an ancient path which leads to the banks of the Pampacona River, marking the boundary with the high jungle itself. The trail eventually arrives at the settlement of Ututo where you will enjoy a well deserved meal and camp for the night.

Leaving your campsite after breakfast, you will follow the trail downhill towards the Huayna Pukara sector, which marked the final stand of the Incas against the Spanish.
Your guide will explain how this land witnessed the final moments of the Inca resistance, right up until the eventual Spanish victory. From there, the trail leads through semi-tropical forest until you reach the school of Vista Alegre, where you will have a delicious evening meal and stop for the night.

After a hearty breakfast you’ll continue along the trail, following the final footsteps of the Incas. The trail, an original Inca road, enters increasingly dense rainforest, lush with native flora and fauna species. The route eventually leads you to the campsite at Concebidayoq, where you will stop for dinner and camp for the night.

Today you’ll have some time to relax and rest as the hike will be moderate. After breakfast, you’ll follow a short trail to your next campsite at Espiritu Pampa. You will reach the “Thousand Steps” which leads to the stronghold of Vilcabamba itself.
Accompanied by your guide, you will begin a tour of this fascinating site buried in the jungle and get a chance to explore all its mysterious sectors. After taking a break for lunch, you will continue the tour before returning to the campsite for the night.

After breakfast you will leave the campsite at Vilcabamba and hike towards Azulmayo. Here you will meet your private transport for the scenic journey to Kiteni where you will have dinner and spend the night.
From Espiritu Pampa to Azulmayo (hike)
Distance: 8 km / 4.97 miles (8 km)
Minimum Altitude: 1,945 feet (593 m)
Duration: 3 hours
Level: moderate

From Azulmayo to Kiteni (private transport)
Distance: 13 miles (21 km)
Duration: 4 – 5 hours

For the last day of your trekking adventure, you’ll have a chance to relax with a visit to the beautiful waterfalls at Siete Tinajas, where you’ll enjoy its many small swimming pools. After lunch you will meet your transport for the journey back to Cusco.


  • Private Transport from CUSCO to HUANCACALLE
  • Meals: 7 breakfasts / 7 lunches / 6 dinners
  • Camping equipment: 2-person tents (single supplement of $30 – explained below) sleeping pad
  • All cooking equipment and food Communal dining tent,
  • Cooking tent
  • Bathroom tent
  • Trained chef
  • Horses for carrying the backpacks and all heavy gear
  • English-speaking professional tour guide.

Not Included

  • Expenses of personal nature such as beverages, laundry, tips
  • Guide gratuity
  • Any item including meals which has not been covered in the itinerary
  • All optional tours or activities during free time
  • Transfers outside of the tour program


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