Choquequirao – The Last Refuge of the Incas

It is located in the district of Vilcabamba, on the skirts of the snowcapped mount Yanacocha, in the province of La Convenci├│n. The highway to Abancay gets you here from Cusco. In kilometer 154 a detour is taken to the town of Cachora; there a 30 km road made on horseback or trekking takes you to the archaeological center that has an importance comparable to Machu Picchu. According to the specialists, it would have been a religious, political and economic enclave – as well as a comercial and cultural link between the coast, the highlands and the jungle – buit during the command of Inca Pachac├║tec. It is divided into nine sectors and its architecture is distributed around a large area or main square. It includes hundreds of agricultural terraces, rooms and irrigation systems.