Peru is a country in western South America with the best cultural, historical, and natural handcrafts. The country is manifested with fabulous traditional riches that are unique, beautiful and functional to suit anyone’s preference.

Peru is a basket of traditional artisan craft best for shoppers who love very beautiful, affordable and unique souvenirs to buy for themselves and take back home to their families and friends.

These are among the unique and distinct pieces from Peru to buy as gift

Chullo Hat

Chullo hat is a warm winter cap woven from brightly colored alpaca, vicuna and wool from sheep.

The hat comes with straps that are tied underneath the chin to increase warmth, decorated using Andeas cross (Chakana) with stunning designs.

Pucara Bulls

These are curious ceramic bull born that most Peru people put on the rooftop of their houses as a symbol of protection, fertility, prosperity, happiness and luck.

They are wedding presents for Peruvian couples and also used during the celebration.

Pucaras bull is categorized according to colors white symbolizes peace, yellow for money, red for love and romance, and black symbolizes wisdom and spiritually.

This is the perfect and unique gift for newlywed couples to wish them to luck in their marriage and new homeowners.

Peruvian Retabols

These are brightly colored, beautiful and portable wooden boxes that originate from the Ayacucho region. They come in different sizes and shapes, also depicts historical and religious events.

Inside the house opening door, there are scenes with miniature figures that depict the everyday life of people from Peruvian such as weddings and festive markets and others from bibles.

Alpaca Clothing

Alpaca clothing is lightweight, high quality and affordable clothing that does not itch. They consist of hats, sweaters. Scarves, ponchos and blankets made from sheep wool, alpaca and vicuna to provide warmth.

They are available in all sizes and styles are dyed in different to keeps you warm when on a journey through Peru and also suitable for cold seasons, especially in cold countries.

Backpacks /Bags

These are colorful backpacks and bags handcrafted from traditional textiles with durable webbing straps perfect for all your goods from Peru trip.

They are the best for outdoor funs such as picnic, hiking and carrying of books, toys and other goods.

If you are planning a holiday trip that you will enjoy and come back with unique and perfect souvenirs that will give you a lifetime memory, Peru should be your number one choice on the list.

The place has a market full of colorful and unique designs gift for both shopping lovers and haters to bring back home.

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