Adventure Holidays in Peru A whole world of discovery awaits those who go to Peru in search of the ultimate adventure holiday. Peru is filled with interesting cultural sites and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities - none more so than at Machu Picchu. A Peru holiday can include cultural and historic observations, trekking and activities such as rafting and mountain biking. The most memorable moments will include trekking the Inca Trail along ancient stone paths to the magnificence Machu Picchu and meeting the people of Lake Titicaca among many others. We offer six adult Peru trips and four family adventures.

Region Highlights:
The ancient citadel of Machu Picchu
The reed islands of Lake Titicaca
The incredible Amazon Jungle
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Worldwide Peru Adventures

On our adult Peru trips you can:

  • Visit historic Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca citadel situated in the Andes, visit by train or on foot
  • Trek one of three Inca Trail routes varying in degrees of difficulty
  • Take in the stunning architecture of colonial Lima
  • Chill out in Cusco to acclimatize and discover the impressive temple fortress of Sacsayhuaman
  • Head to Colca Canyon, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, and watch as condors fly above the rising thermals
  • Explore Lake Titicaca by boat and visit the floating islands’ inhabitants
  • Visit the desert to see the intriguing Nazca Lines
  • Extend your Peru trip with a Galapagos Island or Amazon adventure.

Family Peru Adventures

On our family Peru trips you can:

  • Do all of the above
  • Take your teens on a trek on our the classic Inca Trail
  • Stay with a local family on Lake Titicaca
  • Mountain bike and white water raft in the Sacred Valley and Urubamba River
  • Meet the fascinating mummies Arequipa ice Mummies which were found high in the Andean ice
  • Extend your trip with a stay in the Amazon or Galapagos Islands.

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