It’s no secret that the Inca civilization was one of the most powerful in ancient America, but not many people are familiar with the geography of the Inca empire. The Incas were located in what we now call Peru, and their capital city was Cusco. However, they didn’t build just one city; they built dozens of them all across their empire, known as Tahuantinsuyo. Though today these cities have been almost entirely wiped out by time and war, there are still plenty of ruins left to explore, including Machu Picchu, which was rediscovered only 100 years ago.

What We Know

When did the Incas live? This is one of those mysteries that has perplexed people for centuries. Some people believe they may have come from Peru and Ecuador, while others think they are indigenous to Bolivia and Argentina. What we know is that they had a vast empire with many diverse groups that were united by Quechua language and culture.

What We Think We Know

When did the Incas live? We don’t know for sure. Some people think they might have lived in Ecuador, but others think they might have lived in Peru. It’s hard to say because we’re not sure how long ago they existed. The only thing we can be certain about is that they didn’t live as long ago as some other civilizations, like Egypt or China. So it’s safe to say that they probably lived sometime between 600 and 1500 AD.

Historical Accounts and Conjectures

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when and where the Inca civilization existed. Some accounts put them in Peru, while others place them in Columbia or Ecuador. The most popular theory is that they were concentrated around Lake Titicaca near modern-day Peru. That being said, many scholars believe they could have been living farther north than previously thought. For example, some evidence suggests that they may have been living on the Pacific coast in Colombia. All we know for sure is that at some point in time, this great civilization ceased to exist completely.

Best Guess Based on Facts

It’s hard to say when exactly the Inca Empire existed because they did not have a written language. We do know, however, that they had a huge empire that stretched from modern day Ecuador, all the way up to present-day Chile. The empire included many different ethnic groups who spoke different languages and had their own cultures. There is also some evidence suggesting that they may have been in Peru earlier than most scholars believe.

Where did the Incas live in South America?

Inca civilization is one of the most fascinating and mysterious in human history. From around 1200 to 1532, it dominated a large swath of South America, from what is now Colombia down through Chile and Peru. Many people are curious about where this civilization originated. The answer to that question has been debated for centuries, with scholars offering a variety of theories as to why there are so many disagreements on this topic.

What countries did the Incas touch?

A common question about the Inca Empire is where did they live? The answer to that is that the majority of the population lived in the modern-day country of Peru. According to some estimates, 90% or more lived in what was called Tawantinsuyu, which translates to land ruled by four quarters. This area included the Andes mountain range, coastal plains, and forests. It also included parts of modern-day Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

Where are the Incas today?

It’s hard to talk about the Incas without mentioning their renowned leader, Pachacuti. Who was he? What did he do? He was a wise man and a great ruler who had many accomplishments. When he came to power in 1438, he brought a number of social reforms that improved life for his people and made them the most powerful empire in South America. This is all well and good, but what happened to these amazing people after they were conquered by Francisco Pizarro more than 500 years ago? It turns out there are still plenty of descendants living in Peru today, though they have mostly integrated into Peruvian society as opposed to retaining any specifically Inca customs.

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Why was Cusco important to the Inca Empire?

Cusco is the heart of the Inca civilization. It was the center of their empire and the home to their ruler, the Sapa Inca. When you think about where did the Inca live, this is it. The Inca ruled over a vast empire that stretched from Chile to Ecuador and Cusco was at its core. It was a city of great wealth and beauty, but like all things it came to an end when Francisco Pizarro invaded in 1532.

What kind of culture did the Incas have?

Inca society was structured in a hierarchical fashion and had strict laws. The culture thrived on agriculture and a complex network of roads, which were used for trade and communication. It is believed that they lived in the Andes Mountain range, but there is still much to learn about their society.

When did the incas live?

The origins of this civilization date back to around 1200 AD when it began to flourish under their leader Pachacutec. There are many mysteries surrounding this ancient civilization and one is how they were able to live in such harsh conditions as high altitudes and extreme cold weather.


Today, the mystery remains. We can only speculate about where the Incas lived because no one really knows for sure. Was their home on the coast or in the mountains? Were they nomads or did they live in villages along a river or the seashore? What language did they speak and how did they communicate with each other and other tribes that might have been nearby? We may never know, but what we do know is that their legacy lives on today.

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