6 beers from South America you cannot miss

Craft beer is a thing now, it’s been going on for years and it’s here to stay. But with so many options to choose sometimes you can just lose your mind and end up choosing whatever shows up first, and that’s not how any craft beer experience is supposed to be. Everyone knows someone who either makes beer, or who wants to put a bar somewhere and offer it. Well, the same thing is happening everywhere, and some of the last revelations in making craft beer are in South America. Here you’ll see a small guide about 6 of the best South American beers that you don’t want to miss.

Sir Hopper

Some of the best South American beers come from Argentina, and this one is outstanding. Hernan Castellani, the responsible behind the creation of Sir Hopper, is now an expert in the area, and dedicates his life not only to make his own beer, but also to advise other producers professionally, so the qualities in all the beers that surround Sir Hopper also improve. Sir Hopper is a brewery from Buenos Aires that only makes IPAs. But not one or two IPAs. They make more than ten different IPAs. Black, white, red, Imperial, Session, Lager, black Imperial, American Barley Wine, and so on. And every few months they create a new variety. What’s the secret behind this? Hernan is an expert in hopping. What is hopping? It’s the use of hops while making beer. Hops are these green flowers that grow in not so many parts of the world; they are responsible for bitterness, taste and smell, and depending which species you use, when you add it to the cooking, or how you do it, the results will be different.


We can’t leave Argentina yet. It has a lot to give us in beers. Cheverry is one of the most popular craft beers in the country, and the reason is that they make so much they can distribute it around the country with no problem. You won’t find this one in the supermarket, though. You have to go to selected bars and breweries if you want to have it. Unlike Sir Hopper, there’s more than one person behind this. They are a group of brothers and cousins with the Etcheverry last name, and they all are from Mar del Plata, a city located by the sea. And also, unlike Sir Hopper, they make varieties outside of only IPAs, and lots of them have been rewarded. Old Ale, Honey Beer, English Brown, Belgian Dark Strong, Session IPA, Barley Wine, Strong Ale, American Pilsener, and more.


Ok, the last one from Argentina before moving to another country. This one is, as the name recalls, in Patagonia, in the city of Bariloche. They started as a small brewery, but began making so awesome beers that a big company bought their fabric, and now they belong to a big multinational, but their heart is still the one of a small brewery who wants to get a good beer taste with a handmade style. Patagonia beers can be found in supermarkets, some bars and, since they have the money now, their own bars too. Their styles are not so many, but something they do is present different new styles and offer them for a limited time. Their fabric is set beside a hops plantation, so they are constantly experimenting with new techniques and tastes in order to get to the final result: perfection. Amber Lager, Weiss, Bohemian Pilsener and Küné are the styles you will always find. The others, well, you better go look for it and find out.


If you ever go to Peru, this is a beer you don’t want to miss. If you ask anyone in this country about the best South American beers, most of them will definitely name Barbarian. Like Patagonia, this one also started as a small brewery, but with time, and its huge success, now Barbarian can be found in some supermarkets and in lots of bars. A curious thing, this beer is considered as a competition against big multinational beers in Peru, as they are one of the starters of the craft beer movement in the country. Try their fun flavors and choose your favorite.


In Chile, most breweries have German roots and descendants, so you’ll notice that most of their names start with the letter K, for example, and most of their favors are unique, with personality and all the style your pint needs. Kuntsmann is the story of a father, who left everything behind to start his own small business in order to leave a nice inheritance for his son. Now, this is one of the leaders in Chile, and their specialties are dark beers. Wanna try one? You better visit Chile.


We’re standing in Brazil now. This craft beer has been awarded so many times it has to catch your attention. They’re made with English wheat, and they make only four styles. Wanna hear something interesting? The four of them have medals from different competitions. Their most flattered one is the coffee flavored beer, a jewel you will have to try once you get to find it. And don’t worry, it is so popular, you definitely will find it.

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