Just a couple of weeks ago, I went on a tour around the land of unique terraces as I describe it in the preceding post. It was on bus as well as on foot. On the way to Maras from the terraces of Moray on the bus, I was able to watch two cyclists riding slowly through the plain. They looked like tiny spots in the middle of this vast prairie. Staring at them as the bus went away, I wished to be one of those riders. Sooner than later, my wish came true.

Moray Unique Terraces
Moray Unique Terraces

And I was lucky enough to join a bunch of special young french. They all six came to Perú looking for adrenalin and sightseeing. With them I had the chance not only to ride on mountain bikes but also to paddle kayaks on the hightest navigable lake in the world . They also enjoyed bicycling through the Colca Canyon in the department of Arequipa and doing river rafting on the Vilcanota River in Cusco.

Well, this morning we head for the small town of Cruzpata. On our way, the bus stops at the lookout of Ccorimarca or the Place of Gold in quechua language to have a better look of the scenery. In Cruzpata we meet Joel, our guide and bike caretaker. He wears long hair, a piercing in his ear, and his skin is tattoed with andean patterns. That tells me that he also loves this land of the Incas even though he was born in Ecuador.

Put on the helmets, check out the wheels, adjust the height of the seat post. The adventure is about to begin! Grip the handlebars, fit one foot on the pedal, get up on the bike. We are all ready for speed!
We cycle from Cruzpata to the terraces of Moray. Then we go to Maras where we reload our energy. Afterwards, a smooth slope leads us to the salt mines or Salinas (see last picture). The slope gets steeper as we go down to the town of Tarabamba, the end of our ride.
Through our race, we experience the beauty as well as the strength of nature. The dry wind blows our faces. The terrain gives us relief when it is even. Suddenly, it becomes hard work as we encounter sheer ascends and descents. Our steering abilities are tested on a ground strewn with pebbles and rocks.

Villagers go by greeting us as they take care of their herds of sheep and cows. I have not seen any llama on the route, unfortunately.

This is a one-day biking trip. We were in Tarabamba at 4:15pm.
The level of difficulty is intermediate as Joel tells me. It may be so because out of nine riders, only three “bite the dust”, including me. But that is awesome!
wanna ride my bike?

By the way, this 3rd and 4th of october the town of Maras celebrates the Feast of the Saint Francisco de Asís. Moreover, the 8th of october is going to be held a Moray Raymi or Feast of Moray in the very terraces of Moray with exhibition of traditional dances. You can show up there on a bus, taxi, on foot, or even better, on a bike.

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