Lord of the Tremors

Religious feast including pilgrimage of local, national and foreign religious people. The procession of “Taytacha” also called Lord of the Tremors stands out.


Labor Day


Festivityof the Lord of Qoyllor Ritty: Ocongate – Quispicanchis

Religious feast also known as the feast of the Lord of the Ica. Pre-Hispanic rites fused with Christian rites can be seen during a celebration that last three days.


Inty Raymi

The staging of an ancient rite that expresses the relation of men with the universe, representing the sun as the main Inca divinity. Offerings to the Sun God are made.


Our Lady of Carmen / Paucartambo

The fest of Our Lady of Carmen or “Mamacha Carmen”, a religious feast that is massively attended, is celebrated with typical dances.

Independence Day


An offering to the Earth

Andean rite performed throughout the region with offerings as “payments” to Mother Earth as a sign of compensation and reverence for the harvests.

Santa Rosa de Lima Festival


Celebration of the Battle of Angamos


All Saints’ Day


Feast of the Immaculate Conception


It is an ancient celebration where Nativity scenes are built in every home. There is a great popular art fair in the City Square that is massively attended.

*The dates can vary according to the year.

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